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Wolfgang Töchterle

Designer - Geschäftsführer

As Graphic Designer, teacher and mentor Wolfgang Toechterle has a broadly-based education. A diploma in Graphic Design (Munich), sound technical knowledge of IT (Mathematics and Physics studies), knowledge of marketing, communication and strategic management (Master of Business Management, Innsbruck) and further training courses in psychology over several years complete the picture.
In 1993 Wolfgang Toechterle founded the Mediamacs Design Studio in Bolzano, Italy. In contrast to a classic advertising agency, and with an integrated approach, the studio concentrated on newspaper and magazine design, plus the visual realisation of ideas and various media concepts. "Graphic design and typography with the accent on the particular and at the same time highly communicative."

In the Design Studio we live the maxim "business is personal". The result is a process harmonising wish and function. Projects are undertaken and supported in the long term across all sectors of industry in Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Since 1996 Wolfgang Toechterle has held advisory and official posts in a variety of organisations. In these organisations the core concern continues to be development, training and further training programmes for graphic designers on the local, national and international level. The testimony for this is that since 2004 he has been engaged as expert/trainer in the National Skills Competitions and since 2007 in Worldskills. The success as trainer and expert in Worldskills has been rewarded with 3 Gold awards, a fourth and a sixth place.